What Are the Roads Like?

The bicycling routes our rental and tour guests frequent include a combination of quieter country roads as well as stretches along busier thoroughfares – including Hwy. 29 and Silverado Trail – where a Class II Bike Lane is present.

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is a car-free (Class I) bike path that spans a total of 12.5 miles from southern Napa to Yountville. 

Our Downtown Napa & Yountville shops are 9 miles apart via the Vine Trail and yes, you can ride point-to-point! A $20 per bike Relocation Fee will apply when you return bikes to the opposite store from where you started.

Choose a route with respect to your bike handling skills, experience riding in traffic, the weather, road conditions and your own level of comfort. Understand that you are choosing to ride at your own risk. Napa Valley Bike Tours disclaims responsibility or liability for the safety, accuracy, content or completeness of the directions, maps, cue sheets and route information.

A couple rides bikes side by side along a road lined with olive trees.

Silverado Trail

A cyclist rides pas a sign adjacent to Silverado Trail roadway in Napa Valley that reads: State Law, Pass 3 Feet Minimum.
  • Main thouroughfare
  • 27 miles long from
    Napa to Calistoga
  • Class II Bike Lane from Trancas Street (Napa) to Calistoga
  • Posted speed limit: 45-55mph
  • Flat to gently rolling topography
  • More rolling hills & narrower Bike Lane between
    St. Helena & Calistoga
  • Panoramic vineyard views
  • High density of wineries

The Crossroads

A female bicyclist rides in the bike lane along Yountville Crossroad in Napa Valley.
  • Lower traffic roads linking Hwy. 29 & Silverado trail
  • Each crossroad averages
    1-3 miles distance
  • Portions of these roads have no Bike Lane or shoulder
  • Posted speed limit: 25-55mph
  • Mostly flat to gently rolling
  • Panoramic vineyard views
  • Access to some wineries

Highway 29

A view showing the bike lane adjacent to the traffic lane on highway 29 in Napa Valley.
  • Main thouroughfare
  • Class II Bike Lane from Yountville to Calistoga
  • Mostly flat
  • Posted speed limit: 45-55mph
  • Main thouroughfare for truck traffic
  • Prounounced truck traffic
    Sept-Oct (during Harvest)
  • Panoramic vineyard views
  • High density of wineries

The Vine Trail

A couple rides side-by-side along a car-free bike path lined with trees in Napa Valley.
  • Car-Free recreational path
  • 12.5 miles from southern Napa to Yountville
  • Entirely flat
  • Open to bicyclists, wakers, runners, rollerbladers, etc.
  • More than a dozen wineries within 2 miles of the trail
  • Northernmost 5 miles: vineyard views & wineries
  • Between Oak Knoll Ave. & Vallejo St.: urban/city views
  • South of Downtown: Scenic 7-mile Kennedy Park Loop
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