Plan Your Ride Along the Napa Valley Vine Trail

Napa Valley Vine Trail FAQs

What is the Napa Valley Vine Trail?

The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is a grass-roots nonprofit that is working to design, fund, construct, and maintain 47 safe and scenic miles of level, paved, family-friendly, pet-friendly, free-access Class I trail, stretching from Vallejo’s Ferry to Calistoga.

Currently, 12.5 miles of the Vine Trail spanning from Kennedy Park (south of Downtown Napa) to the north end of Yountville is completed and open.

A group of four rides through a tree-lined section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail bike path south of Yountville in Napa Valley

How can we ride the Vine Trail?

Our two shop locations in Downtown Napa and Yountville (see map below) offer nearly instant access to the Napa Valley Vine Trail. You can rent bikes from either location to ride the Vine Trail.

Can we rent bikes in Napa & return them in Yountville (or vice versa)?

Totally! The ride between our two shops is 9 miles, plus whatever detours you make to visit wineries.

Please note that for all point-to-point rentals there is a 2-hr minimum rental charge, plus a $20 per bike Relocation Fee. If you ride point-to-point, your options for getting back to your starting point are calling a taxi or Uber/Lyft.

Can we visit wineries along the Vine Trail?

Yes! There are a handful of wineries located within a stone’s throw of Vine Trail. You will have to exit the bike path and ride a short distance along local roads to access the wineries, but it's easy to avoid highly trafficked roadways.

The map below shows all of the wineries and tasting rooms located within one mile of the Vine Trail.

When will the rest of the Vine Trail be completed?

The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is continuing its work to design and construct additional sections of the trail. When complete, the trail will more or less follow the existing Wine Train tracks and Hwy. 29 north of Yountville all the way to Calistoga!

Your support is needed to continue the progress!

Vine Trail Etiquette

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is a shared-use recreational trail that is open to walkers, joggers and rollerbladers and other users in addition to bicyclists. Please be a courteous trail user and follow the following common sense guidelines:

  • Keep right, pass left
  • Be vocal & alert other to your presence (e.g. Call out "On your left!" when passing)
  • Slow down & ride single-file when approaching other trail users
  • Obey stop signs & traffic signals

Vine Trail Map

We highly recommend viewing this map on a tablet or desktop

Mile-by-Mile Guide

Choose Your Start Location

Mile 0

Napa Valley Bike Tours

Exterior of Napa Valley Bike Tours shop location in Yountville

Start your ride in Yountville in the heart of the vineyards! The Vine Trail is less than a half-mile from our driveway.

Mile 0

Mile 1-2

Yountville Wineries

A man and woman ride cruiser bikes in front of rows of vineyards

Wineries within 2 miles of the Vine Trail in Yountville: Domaine Chandon, Elyse, Bell Wine Cellars, Hill Family, Cliff Lede, Goosecross

Mile 1-2

Mile 3-6

Oak Knoll Wineries

A couple sits close on a bench in front of the vineyards with cruiser bikes parked behind them.

Wineries within 2 miles of the Vine Trail in the Oak Knoll District: Silenus, Laird Family, O’Brien, Trefethen, Materra, Monticello, Backstage Wines, James Cole, Biale

Mile 3-6

Mile 4

Oak Knoll Ave.

A two-lane road flanked by rows of mature trees that create a tunnel effect.

Most riders who plan to finish their ride back in Yountville make Oak Knoll Ave. their designated turnaround point for a total ride of 8 miles, plus any detours you made to visit wineries off the trail.

If you continue south beyond this point, the next 4-5 miles along the Vine Trail are entirely urban, including six intersection crossings at traffic lights, as you traverse through the City of Napa.

Mile 4

Mile 8

RAD Napa Murals

A bicyclist rides along a bike path, passing the backside of buildings that have been covered with colorful artistic murals.

As you make your way into the heart of Downtown Napa, take a moment to admire Napa’s “local color”: A series of curated murals funded by the Rail Arts District.

Mile 8

Mile 8.5

Oxbow District

A couple holds ice cream cones and smiles at each other on a restaurant patio. Another couple rides cruiser bikes in front of a sign for Oxbow Public Market.

Oxbow Market is Downtown Napa’s number one destination for foodies. Here you can graze your way through a delicious array of vendors, mostly under one roof, specializing in unique tacos, oysters, upscale burgers & shakes, wood-fired pizzas and more.

Mile 8.5

Mile 9

Napa Valley Bike Shop

Storefront of Napa Valley Bike Shop

If your biking legs are ready to call it a day, you can opt to return your bikes to our Downtown Napa shop location* and grab a Lyft/Uber wherever you need to head next.

*$20 per bike Relocation Fee will apply if you started your ride in Yountville

Mile 9

Mile 12

Kennedy Park

A bicyclist rides a cruiser style bike on a bike path along the Napa River with the Napa Riverfront district on the other side.

If you continue south of 3rd Street, the Vine Trail follows the Napa Riverfront continues through Kennedy Park for a scenic loop (7 miles roundtrip). The farthest point of the Vine Trail is 12.5 miles from Yountville.

Mile 12