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Electric Bike Rentals

Ride Farther, Faster & See More of Napa on Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes allow you to venture farther to reach more wineries and see more of Napa’s beautiful countryside without breaking a sweat! 

Our sleek & stylish Gazelle Electric Bikes feature award-winning pedal-assist technology. The motor responds and assists you while you’re actively pedaling, providing a seamless boost to your organic effort!

You’ll find the pedaling experience on our eBikes feels very natural – it’s you, only faster!

Electric Bike Rentals

Gazelle T9 EBike
$ 99
Full-Day Rental
  • $74 for 2 hours or less (walk-ins only)
  • 25- to 70-mile range*
  • 4 levels of pedal assist
  • Up to 20mph
  • *Battery range depends on rider weight, terrain and level of pedal-assist used



Our Gazelle electric rental bikes boast a range of up to 60+ miles in Eco mode. Range depends on rider weight, terrain, wind and level of pedal-assist used.



Mid-drive motors by Bosch are the smoothest, quietest and most trusted electric bike motors on the market. Mid-drive motors also offer the most natural pedaling feel - closer to riding a bike than a scooter.



At your fingertips, you'll easily be able to toggle between 4 levels of pedal-assist: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. The LCD screen makes it easy to see your speed, distance travelled, travel time and current range.

Break a Sweat, or Not!

Some people think riding an E-Bike is “cheating,” however, there is nothing about a motor that will prevent you from working as hard as you want.

If you put the same effort of riding a non-assist bike at 8-12mph into a pedal-assist bike – your speed will increase to 15-18mph. You’re getting the same workout, you’re just going faster!

Of course, if your goal is to take it easy – and avoid breaking a sweat – you can ride an electric bike at the same speed you would on a regular bike with a fraction of the effort.

Gazelle Medeo T9 Electric Bike
A couple rides electric bikes along a road bordered by vineyards.
A woman riding an electric bike looks back over her shoulder

Hills, Heat & Wind are No Match for E-Bikes!

When the going gets tough, you’ll be glad you chose an E-Bike!

Having the power of pedal-assist at your fingertips is a huge relief when you encounter an unexpected hill, strong headwind or when the heat of the day starts to catch up with you.

Electric bikes allow you to plan your route with confidence, knowing that you’ll have that extra boost, if and when you need it!

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