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Spend a Day Biking to Wineries

Don’t leave Napa without slowing down to experience it by bike! Join a guided bike tour hosted by a knowledgeable local Tour Guide and visit local wineries for tastings. Custom private tour options are also available for both leisure groups and corporate team-building activities.  

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Relive the 1976 Paris Tasting

If you haven’t already seen the indie movie Bottleshock, definitely make plans to watch it before you visit Napa Valley. The film covers the early days of winemaking in Napa Valley leading up to the famed Judgment of Paris tasting that is largely credited with

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Visit a Vineyard With a View

It’s hard to find a Napa Valley winery that doesn’t boast a beautiful view. Since the valley is a designated Agricultural Preserve (think “Wilderness Preserve”), the land here is protected from development that would mar its beauty and its foremost purpose (viniculture). So even wineries

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Bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail

Enjoy a car-free bike path spanning 12.5 miles from southern Napa all the way to Yountville. The Vine Trail is a perfect outlet for visitors looking to bike for fitness, enjoying the local scenery or event visiting a couple of wineries. Napa Valley Bike Tours

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Go Underground

The naturally cool, humid environment of underground caves provides ideal conditions for aging and storing wines. The dimly lit, musty environs also hold an undeniable romance, making a cave tour & tasting high on the “must do” list while in Napa Valley. Keep in mind

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Bring on the Bubbles

Although Cabernet and Chardonnay and are the predominant varietals in Napa Valley, there are a handful of producers that specialize in wines with a certain sparkle. And if you’re used to reserving bubbles just for special occasions, a visit to these producers will enlighten you

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Visit a Custom Crush Tasting Room

“Custom Crush” is the answer to how to make wine when your pockets aren’t quite deep enough to own your own winery. A custom crush facility is a bonded winery that allows other wine brands to make wine at their facility. A visit to a

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Play a Game of Bocce

When you realize the sport of bocce originated with the Greeks and the Romans, it makes sense why it feels so natural to play with a glass of wine in hand. The rules are simple and it’s easy to learn, making it a game beginners

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Find a Free Tasting (yes, really!)

With tasting fees at most Napa Valley wineries trending between $40-60, the days of free tastings may seem like a bygone era. However, there is a handful of wineries that still offers free tastings. It is the wineries’ prerogative to change their tasting fee policies,

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Rosé the Day Away

The official wine of summer is so much more than just a pretty drink to match your manicure. Rosé pairs well with backyard barbecues and lazy afternoons at the park. It’s approachable and fun for wine newbies and still a compelling selection for wine aficionados

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