Spend a Day Biking to Wineries

Don’t leave Napa without slowing down to experience it by bike! Join a guided bike tour hosted by a knowledgeable local Tour Guide and visit local wineries for tastings. Custom private tour options are also available for both leisure groups and corporate team-building activities.   Learn More: Guided Bike Tours, Private Bike Tours, Corporate Team-Building

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Visit a Vineyard With a View

It’s hard to find a Napa Valley winery that doesn’t boast a beautiful view. Since the valley is a designated Agricultural Preserve (think “Wilderness Preserve”), the land here is protected from development that would mar its beauty and its foremost purpose (viniculture). So even wineries on the valley floor are surrounded by pristine vistas of vineyards framed by the Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges. That said, the view from these

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Take Flight in a Vintage Biplane

Strap on your flying helmet, climb up the wing and get snug in the open-air cockpit of a vintage biplane for a thrilling, nostalgic and ultra-romantic tour of wine country. Choose to tour the majestic vineyard landscape or opt for a flight south towards San Francisco with views of the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge.   Learn More: Vintage Aircraft Co., Napa Valley Biplane, Coastal Air Tours

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Bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail

Enjoy a car-free bike path spanning 12.5 miles from southern Napa all the way to Yountville. The Vine Trail is a perfect outlet for visitors looking to bike for fitness, enjoying the local scenery or event visiting a couple of wineries. Napa Valley Bike Tours offers instant access to the Vine Trail from their two rental shops located in Napa and Yountville.   Learn More: Ride the Napa Valley Vine

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Stroll Along Napa’s Riverfront

Without a doubt, the crown jewel marking Downtown Napa’s recent renaissance is the Napa Riverfront. The inviting design and the waterfront promenade easily lend themselves for a late afternoon or post-dinner stroll. The beautiful building has attracted an eclectic mix of boutique shops and restaurants just waiting to be explored.   Highlights: Riverhouse by Bespoke Collection, Napa General Store, Helen Lyall

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Go Underground

The naturally cool, humid environment of underground caves provides ideal conditions for aging and storing wines. The dimly lit, musty environs also hold an undeniable romance, making a cave tour & tasting high on the “must do” list while in Napa Valley. Keep in mind that cave temperatures vary little throughout the year – averaging 58-65 degrees – so take care to bring a light sweater for any winery experience

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Play a Game of Bocce

When you realize the sport of bocce originated with the Greeks and the Romans, it makes sense why it feels so natural to play with a glass of wine in hand. The rules are simple and it’s easy to learn, making it a game beginners can learn to enjoy quickly. Contact wineries ahead; bocce court reservations may be required.   Learn More: Dutch Henry, Bell Wine Cellars, Calmére Estate, Silenus

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A man kneeling on one knee holds a small open box and looks up at his girlfriend, who is covering her mouth with vineyards in the background.

Pop the Question

The inherit romance of wine country inspires many to choose Napa Valley as the place to get down on one knee and ask the ultimate question. And when you choose to propose at a winery, the memory of your life-changing moment will extend well beyond that day. The wine from that winery will always hold special significance. You can serve the wine at your wedding reception and enjoy it on

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Get Down ‘n’ Dirty

No visit to Calistoga is complete without a traditional mud bath. The volcanic mud spa treatments and natural mineral pool soaks are a time-honored tradition, offered here since the 1860s. Often coupled with massage, traditional mud baths are touted for detoxifying the body, relieving joint and muscle pain and promoting relaxation. Learn More: Indian Springs Spa, Golden Haven Hot Springs, Dr. Wilkinson’s, Calistoga Spa & Hot Springs

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Procure Picnic Provisions

Enjoying a wine country picnic is a quintessential experience. Of course, it takes a little planning to pull it off – especially when you’re away from home. Fortunately, there are a great number of local resources for procuring a proper picnic feast. Note: If you plan to picnic at a winery, be sure to choose a winery that is permitted to allow picnicking and secure an appointment in advance of

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